“you carry within yourself the essence of the deep creativity of the late Prof. G.Sankara Pillai his commitment to causes close to the earth and his silent strong presence …. As I watched the children perform I realized that this was no a theatre; it was value which were being inculcated in to these young bodies and minds”

-Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan, Academic Director, IGNCA

“This is a splendid place the children are pleasure to work with. Long may Rangaprabhath”.

-Applebee, Leeds University, U.K

“Here, the very future of the Indian Children's Theatre has already started.”

-Ashok Vajpeyi, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Culture.

“At last here is a Children's Theatre.”

-N.Krishna Pillai, Noted Malayalam Playwright.

“When one thinks of Children’s Theatre, it is Rangaprabhath’s name that comes to one’s mind.”

-Dr. K.Ayyappapanikkar, Poet and Writer

“The Children of Rangaprabhath moved me to tears with their sincerity and commitment”

-Dr. B.N.Pande, Gandhian Scholar and Vice-Chairman, Gandhi Smrithi.

“We need many more Rangaprabhath’s to shape the character of our children”

-B.V.Karanth, Theatre Director.


Dr.K.Ayyappapa Panikkar

T.N.Jayachandran IAS

Dr: N.Radhakrishnan



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