Rangaprabhath in Nutshell

Child-centred educational experiments towards developing a Rural Community Centre for holistic development of children through performing arts.
Children’s Plays
Folk Arts
Dance, Music Instrumental Music
Theatre Games
Story Telling
Creative Dramatics
Riddles, Lullabies etc.
Documentation research on the above areas.

Regular play presentation, Play reading, discussions on theatre.

Children’s Library to foster reading habit and aid in character formation.

Learning from masters
Interactions with visiting dignitaries in theatre, culture and related fields in different parts of the world.

Distinguished Audience
As an innovative project to educate audience, those who are interested in theatre arts and children are encouraged to become members of a circle of friends who are being offered opportunities to avail the facilities in Rangaprabhath.

Attapporattu (annual festival of folk arts)
Attapporattu is annual village festival of traditional performing arts and crafts of Kerala and neighboring states. It also seeks to establish rapport with rural communities by reaching out to them and promoting traditional wisdom of each locality.

Nattuporattu seeks to establish report with rural communities by reaching out to them and promoting traditional wisdom of each locality.

New Plays for Awareness Creation
A play, The Melody of Peace, based on Gandhi’s Autobiography and script prepared by Dr. N.Radhakrishnan and directed by Prof. S.Ramanujam and another play, ‘Moodhevi Theyyam’ script by Prof. G.Sankara Pillai on atrocities on women have been added to the repertory of Rangaprabhath.

Prof. G.Sankara Pillai Smrithi
A museum on theatre arts and Indian Culture dedicated to G.Sankara Pillai has also been established in our premises.

G.Sankara Pillai Award
An annual Award in the name of Prof. G.Sankara Pillai to recognize and honor outstanding artistes in different parts of India has also been instituted by Rangaprabhath.

Bal Bhavan
Under the guidance of the National Bal Bhavan, New Delhi, the activities related to children are monitored and encouraged.

Enlightened audience
The Rangaprabhath over the four decades has helped through its periodic play production and other innovative cultural expressions a village audience who are very much oriented to critical appreciation of plays when presented. Not only do they appreciate a play on the basis of its intrinsic merit but they also evaluate the play critically. This has been one of the essential aspects Prof. Sankara Pillai had emphasized during his theatre workshop.

As Resource and Training Centre
In recognition of the experience of Rangaprabhath in the field of education and innovative approaches to children’s education, reputed organizations such as The Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (New Delhi), Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti (New Delhi), Sangeethe Nadaka Academy and the Department of Culture, etc. have recognized the Rangaprabhath as a Resource and Training Centre.

Bed-time Stories

A major new initiative Guru Kochunarayana Pillai introduced was the Bed-time Story sessions held for select children on every Saturdays and Sundays. Under this programme, children before they sleep are encouraged to listen to stories narrated to them. The idea was to expose them to the art of listening good stories before they sleep. During this session many children would go to sleep at different times and in the morning they are encouraged to narrate the stories they had heard until they slept. It is a memory test besides an exercise in sharpening their proficiency of narrative skills.

Growth into a community centre

Rangaprabhath which is in its 39th year has influenced not only the neighboring community but also has made significant contribution to Children’s development through theatre. Over the years it has added (1) an open air theatre, (2) an indoor theatre, (3) centre for folk performing arts,(4) craft centre, (5) library, (6) community centre and (7) a dormitory where 40 persons can stay. There is facility for catering also. Today the center caters to a wide interest of the neighboring community and verily it has emerged as a Nataka Gramam (Village for Drama).

National and international recognition and awards to the centre:

The Rangaprabhath during its 39 years of work for children’s holistic development through performing arts has won several awards and recognition from the state and national academies, departments, governments and specialized agencies which promote art, education and culture.

Three of the most outstanding national recognitions it received are :

    • Rangaprabhath is conferred G.D. Birla International Award -2005 for its
                  outstanding contribution in propagating ‘India’s Cultural and Spiritual Heritage’
    • Senior fellowship from Government of India to the president of Rangaprabhath
                  Sri. K. Kochunarayana Pillai (1999-2001).
    • G.Ramachandran-Ikeda Award for Community Service (1999).

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