Sept. 19: Inauguration of Rangaprabhath.
  Presentation of first play: “Pushpakireedam”.
Oct. 31: Awarded District level Prize for Children’s play.
Oct. 10: 1. Awarded First prize at the State-level competition of Children’s plays.
  2.  Presented “Nidhiyum Neethiyum (Treasure and Justice) at the three-day workshop organized by Sangeetha Nadaka Academy.
Nov.9: Awarded First Prize at the State-level competition of Children’s plays.
Nov.11: Broadcast of the play, ‘Nizhal’ (Shadow) at the AIR, Trivandrum.
Jan. 10 Nizhal’ presented in Thiruvattar (Tamilnadu)
  Workshop for Teachers.
Dec. 24-28: Workshop for children


July: 2 Rangaprabhath acquires eleven Cents of land for its campus.
March 19: Beginning of monthly play presentation.
Dec. 19: Prof. G. Sankara Pillai inaugurates the headquarters and Rangaprabhath ‘Natakagramam’ at Alumthara, near Venjaramoodu in Trivandrum District.
Dec. 22-26: Festival of Children’s plays and Discussion on contribution of G. Sankara Pillai to Children’s theatre.
July 15: Foundation stone laid for Rangaprabhath Theatre complex.
Nov.11: AIR Play Festival at Kerala University Senate Hall
Dec. 9-11: Rangaprabhath participates in the Traditional Art Project of Calicut University, School of Drama.
May 9: Publishes Manuscript Magazine.
Aug. 1: Music Classes begin.
Aug. 10 Reception to Chairman, Sangeetha Nataka Academy, T.R. Sukumaran Nair Nair
Nov. 4 K. Karunakaran, Chief Minister of Kerala opens the new building.
Dec. 1: Play presentation at Doordarshan, Trivandrum.
April 2-8  ‘Nattuporattu’ (Festival of Folk Arts)
April. 17: Rustum Baroocha, Advisor to Ford Foundation visits the campus.
Feb. 27: 1) Prof. G. Sankara Pillai, joins Rangaprabhath as Artistic Director.
  2) Inauguration Kadambam, Kalari and Kalam (comprehensive Children’s Theatre) by Prof. N. Krishna Pillai..
March 2: Leads University of England Director, Applebee organizes three-day workshop on Children’s Theatre.
April 17-27: Tara Arts Group, London enters into a contract with Rangaprabhath and Paul Bhattacharya visits Rangaprabhath and organizes a weeklong workshop
Dec: 2: Trivandrum Bhalabhavan organizes Dance-Music classes in Rangaprabhath
Jan. 1: Prof. G. Sankara Pillai passes away.
Feb.1: British Dance specialist TIM JONES organizes a weeklong workshop.
March 3: ‘A Homage to G. Sankara Pillai’ programme led by U.R. Ananthamurthy.
April. 16 Workshop by theatre. Director Krishna Murthy.
June 21: Workshop by Simon Belham (London) on Children’s Theatre
June 22: Birth anniversary programmes to commemorate the services of G. Sankara Pillai.
Dec. 27-31 Weeklong Children’s Workshop.
Jan. 1: Death Anniversary of Prof. G. Sankara Pillai.
March 23: Thikkodiyan Award to Rangaprabhath for innovative experiments.


Feb. 21-28: Arti Prashar (Tara Arts Group, London) organizes a weeklong workshop.
March 31-April 16: Nigel Warrack (London) organizes Workshops.
Oct. 14 Painting Workshop.
Jan. 6-10 PRD (Kerala Govt.) organizes Children’s Film Festival.
March 12-15: Gandhi Smriti & Darshan Samiti, New Delhi organizes three-day workshop on ‘Creativity in children’
Jan. 1 Publication of the book ‘G. Sankara Pillai – an Enquiry’
March 27 World Theatre Day programmes.
July 26: American Theatre Experts Sharon Grady and Dr. Philip in Rangaprabhath
Aug. 22 G. Sankara Pillai Commemorative Programmes in Delhi.
Aug. 31 Sharon Grady (U.S.A) organizes a week-long workshop.
March 18 Silver Jubilee Year celebration: Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan visits Rangaprabhath to inaugurate G. Sankara Pillai Smriti.
Sep. 16-22 Annual Folk Art Festival
  Children’s Play Festival
Sep. 22 Commencement of Dialogue – ‘Sallapam’.
Nov. 12: Children’s Day Programme of AIR at Rangaprabhath
Dec. 28: Children’s Theatre Workshop and Play presentation at Ravi Varma Nilayam, Kannur.
Jan. 1: G. Sankara Pillai commemorative programmes in Annur in Kannur District.
  Jan, Feb, March: Documentation of eleven children’s plays for IGNCA, New Delhi.
April 28 – May 30: Thirty-three day long statewide tour cum play presentation.
Oct. 9: Presentation of  Nangyaarkooth
Dec. 26(from) Discussion and Seminars on G. Sankara Pillai’s contribution to Children’s Theatre in Delhi.
May 7-10 Teachers’ Workshop: 50 teachers and 120 students participated.
Jan. 1 G. Sankara Pillai Memorial Centre, Foundation Stone Laying. Foundation stone laid by Dr. N. Radhakrishnan ( Gandhi Smrit Darsan Samiti, New Delhi.)
June 22 Opening of Computer Centre
March 13 Puppetry Workshop by Dr. G. Gangadharan Nair.
Sep. 28: Pooja Festival special programmes.
Dec. 26 (from) Children’s Workshop
June. 22  ‘Prior to the Stage’ programme commences
Oct. 14-15 Puppetry Workshop


Jan. 1: Rangaprabhath institutes G. Sankara Pillai Award to honor outstanding Theatre Artists and Connoisseur of Arts – First Award given to Prof. G. Sankara Pillai by Chief Minister A.K. Antony.
Nov. 14-15: Opening of Indoor auditorium by G. Karthikeyan, Cultural Minister.
Jan 31 Grandhalokam’ publishes G. Sankara Pillai special number.
Aug. 25-29: Traditional Arts Festival.
Oct. 13-15: Pooja Festival special programmes.
Jan. 22 Arranged G. Sankara Pillai Award Presentation at New Delhi.  Dr. K.R. Narayanan, former President of India as the Chief Guest. G. Sankara Pillai Award presented to Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan.
Jan.23 Presentation of play at National School of Drama at the National festival of children’s play.  Presentations were also made at Centre for Cultural Resources and Training, Gandhi Smriti and Darsan Samiti and India International Centre, New Delhi.
Feb. 19 Play presentation at National Festival of Plays at Bhuvaneswar, organized by Sadabdira Kalakara.
Feb.23 to 23 day long workshop on ‘Voice and Movement in Theatre’ by
March 16 Anjana Puri (Rangvidushak, Bhopal)
March 27 World Theatre Day programmes, presentation of the play “Kiraatham’.
May 3,4,5 Three day Theatre festival at Thiruvananthapuram in association with National School of Drama, Vailoppilli Samskriti Bhavan at Thiruvananthapuram. Chairman: Dr. K. Aiyappa Panicker.  Inauguration: Dr. Devendra Ankur. from 3rd May –5th May 2003.
June 1-7 Gandhi Summer School: 30 selected children from different parts of India under Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, New Delhi.
June 22 Birth Anniversary of G. Sankara Pillai:  Presentation of ‘Mrigasevana Charitham’.
July 25-27 Udghosh’ – week-long workshop for physically challenged children in collaboration with South Zone Cultural Centre. Inauguration:  Sri. G. Karthikeyan, Cultural Minister, Director: Sri. Phaneendra Reddy I.A.S.
Sep. 17, 18 Annual Folk Arts Festival.
Oct. 11 Kozhikkode House of Children’s presents variety entertainments led by Manoj Narayan.
Nov. 3 Folk Art Festival, Chief Guest: Dr. Raghavan Payyanad.
Dec. 28-31 Children’s Theatre Workshop at Villyappilli, Kozhikkode.  Workshop Director Prof. S. Ramanujam (former Professor and head of the Drama, Tamil University, Thanjavur).
Jan. 1 G. Sankara Pillai Remembrance Day: Memorial lecture by K.T. Muhammad.
March 27 Seminar on ‘Concept and Practice’ and presentation of the play ‘Thamara’
Aoril 18 Folk Song presentation at
  Ambalam mukku, Vamanapuram
April 20-22 Children’s Theatre Workshop
  Rangaprabhath and Pookkadu Kalalayam, Kozhikkodu
May 29 Ford foundation Programme officer Sumathi Ramaswami visited Rangaprabhath.
May 30 ‘Ponnumkudam’ Play presentation
  at Karakulam Higher Secondary School
June 22 Birth anniversary of G.Sankara Pillai.
  Memorial Speech: Dr. K. Ayyappapnikkar
  Dr. N.Radhakrishnan, Dr. Rajan Nair, Sri. M.M.Basheer, Dr. Hemalatha Devi participate.
june 26 ‘Satsangh’by Sree Sree Ravishankar Kazhakkuttam unit
Aug.14 ‘Ponnumkudam’ Play presentation at Tagore Arts Club, Konchira.
Sep. 2 Commences the Folk art acquaintance educational program, ‘An Introduction to Traditional Folk Arts’ under the joint leadership of Sri K. Kochunarayana Pillai and Smt. K.S. Geetha.
Sep.6 Annual Folk Art festival Kathakali and Nangiyar koothu etc.
Sep. 18-22 3-day workshop on the life and massages of great men and women of India through folk music and dances. Directed by Prof.S.Ramanujam
Oct.15 Pooja Festival: 9-day programmes.
Nov.14 Children’s Day. Play presentation ‘Veshangal’
Nov.15 Demonstration of Boul Sangeeth- by Parvathi Boul from Bangal
  Coordinator- Ravi Gopalan
Nov. 27 The presentation of children’s play The Three Scholars and the Dead Lion
Dec.1 SDC-IC-NGO Programme: Play Presentation, Folk music at VJT Hall.
Dec.14 ICDS Nursery Teachers workshop at Rangaprabhath
Dec.27-Jan.2 Workshop on the Japanese folk performing art, ‘Kamigatha-mai’
Jan.1 G. Sankara Pillai Memorial Day
  Memorial Lecture by Sri. Adoor Gopala Krishanan and
  Demonstration of Japanese folk art ‘Kamigatha-mai’
Jan.9  ‘Vidyarangam Sahithya  samiti’ meet at Rangaprabhat
Jan 8-13 Mask-Making Workshop at Rangaprabhath  organized by Symond and Andriya, Switzerland
Jan 16 Guru K. Kochunarayana Pillai’s Saptathi
  Guru Pooja and Play presentation
Jan 26 5-day workshop on Sound and Movement by Smt. Anjana Puri (Bhopal)
Feb.11 Presentation of the play ‘Prophet of Love’ (Snehadoothan)
Feb.4 Folk Art Presentation. Darsanavattam U.P. School
March 5 Folk Art Presentation at Manikkodu Temple, Venjaramoodu
April 18-28 Presentation of the Dance-drama on Gandhi, the Melody of Peace (Shantiyayee… Shantigeethamayee..) at Jammu University and Gandhi Smriti, New Delhi.
April 29 to 25-days youth camp for Children of Srijan from New Delhi.
May 23  
May 25 Chenda Melam class starting –Guru: Majeesh Kozhikkodu
June 22 75th Birth anniversary of G.Sankara Pillai two day programme 2005 June 22nd and 23rd, Memorial speech, Study of play Snehadoothan, Play presentation Snehadoothan
June 25 Visit of American cultural troupe under the leadership of Prof. V.R.Prabodhachandran Nair.
Aug.15 Special Independence Day Programme
Sep.15 ‘Aattapporattu’- Presentation of ‘Kathakali’ and traditional arts festival
Sep.16 Play Presentation- Moodhevi Theyyam
Sep.21 Presentation of Play ‘Moodhevi Theyyam at National Theatre Festival, held at Raja Muthayya Hall, Madurai, Tamilnadu.
Oct. 8-12 Pooja Festival: 3-day programme. Classical music, Folk songs, Traditional Arts, Devotional Songs-under the leadership of Dr. K. Omanakkutti
Nov.19 Presentation of folk Songs by Folklore Study Centre, Kozhikkodu under the leadership of Sri. Govinda Varma Raja.
Dec. 2 Seven-day workshop at Kasaragodu in association with DIET, Kasaragodu. Subject: Children’s Play for Education.
  Camp Director: K. Kochunarayana Pillai
Dec.9 Painting competition for students, arranged by Indian council for Gandhian Studies.
January 1 17th Prof. G.Sankara Pillai Commemoration Day: in association with Arangasree of Thanjavur
Feb. 3 Rangaprabhath gets the prestigious G.D.Birla Award instituted by the Birla Academy of Arts and Culture, New Delhi.
Feb. 19 Presented the play ‘Moodhevi Theyyam’ at Karingannor, Kollam.
March “Moodhevi Theyyam” presented in the National Drama Festival held at Madurai.
May 1-25 Gandhi Summer School Camp in collaboration with Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti.
May 9 The Amrutha TV team visited Rangaprabhath to prepare a programme about  Prof. G.Sankara Pillai
May 21-27 Collaborates with Arangasree (Thanjavur) to organize a 3 day Theatre Festival sponsored by South Zone Cultural Centre.
June 8 An American student team visited Rangaprabhath along with Dr.B.R.Prabodha Chandran Nair.
June 22 Celebrated 76th Birthday of Prof.G.Sankara Pillai.
  Smt. J.Arundhathi MLA inaugurated the function.
June 15-July 14 One month long orientation progamme conducted on for Value creation for 9 children on ‘value creation’ sponsored by Gandhi Smrithi, New Delhi.
August Organised traditional Folk Festival- Attapporattu.
Sep. 14-17 Traditional Folk Art Festival in association with South Zone Cultural Centre
Sep.30–Oct 2    Pooja Festival Celebration- Sangeetha Kacheri of Sri. Kollam
  G.S. Balamurali and Bhajans of K.S. Geetha.
Oct. 14-16 Children's Theatre Workshop at Manathana UPS Kannur
Oct. 23 Discussion on 100 years of Satyagraha in association with Gandhi Media Centre
October 30 Presented traditional arts programme at VJT Hall, Thiruvananthapuram
Nov. 16-19 Drama Festival – Moodhevi Theyyam presented.
Dec. 1-7 Children's Theatre workshop at Villiappilli Nataka Kalari  Kozhikkodu.
Dec-13 The first meeting of the Sai Gram Education Centre, Thonnakkal Chief Resource person: Sri. K.Kochunarayana Pillai 
Dec. 27-31 Children’s Drama Kalari as part of Prof. G. Sankara Pillai Smarak Day Celebration
Jan. 1
Jan. 24-28 A National Children's Theatre Festival and symposium (Kreedaneeyakam-2007) organized in Rangaprabhath.
Jan.25 Presented the Children’s play ‘Gurudakshina’ in the National Drama Festival organized by Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi.
Jan 26 Presented the play ’Gurudakshina’ at Juvenile Home, Thiruvananthapuram. Hon Minister sri. M.A.Baby attended the function.
March 29 Sangeeth Nataka Akademi conferred Sri. K.Kochunarayana Pillai the title ‘Guru’ for his contribution in the field of Children's Theatre.
April 15 Children and former student of Rangaprabhath organized a ‘Gurupooja’  to honour their Guru K.Kochunarayana Pillai. The play ‘Vidooshaka
Feb. 18  Presented Bharathanatyam by Kalakshethra Aswathi Lolush
May 25-31 A week-long workshop for children’s theatre specialists, poets,   writers, teachers and educational experts conducted. Prof. M.A.Khadar, Director SCERT inaugurated the workshop.
June 22 Celebrated 77th Birthday of Pro.G.Sankara Pillai. The play ‘Bheema Kadotkkaja Bommanattam’ presented.
August 11 The programme of an ‘Introduction the traditional folk art’ conducted at Kilimanoor.
Sept.3 Celebrated the annual day of Rangaprabhath –Attapporattu (presentation of folk arts)
Sept 19-21 A three day workshop for younger group of Rangaprabhath (Kalam) presented the play ‘Chenkolum Maravuriyum’.
Sept.23 Chenkolum Maravuriyum’presented at Prof.N.Krishna Pillai Foundation Thiruvananthapuram.
Oct.1 Founder President of Rangaprabhath Guru Kochunarayana Pillai passes away following a heart ailment. The body was taken in a solemn procession from Thiruvananthapuram to Venjaramoodu town where at the town hall the public paid tribute. He was cremated next day in the Rangaprabhath campus. Many prominent leaders and people from different walks of life paid tribute to him at a condolence meeting held at Rangaprabhath. This was followed by a special meeting at Venjaramoodu town.
Oct 19-21 Pooja Festival. Alleppy Sreekumar presents Karnatic recital. Smt. K.S.Geetha renders the Bhajans.
Oct 22 Memorial function at Prof. N.Krishna Pillai Foundation in Thiruvananthapuram in honour of Guru Kochunarayana Pillai. Eminent writers and artists such as Prof. ONV.Kurup, Smt. Sugathakumari, Dr.N.Radhakrishnan made obituary references and recollected Guru Kochunarayana Pillai’s services and contribution to Children's Theatre.
Nov.12 Special functions on the 41st day of the founder president’s passing away. The former students present a play, ‘Pranamam’ (homage). Smt. J.Arundhathi MLA, Sri.Gopinath IPS, poet V.Madhusoodhanan Nair attend.
The Kannur based –‘Malayala Bhasha Padasala’ confers posthumously the G.Sankara Pillai Award to Guru Kochunarayana Pillai. Dr. Santhakumari Amma, wife of the late Pillai receives it from Sri. Bhaskara Pothuval, Director of the Padasala
Nov 14 Children’s Day celebration.
Nov.15 Presents the Folk music–an Introduction at the festival of drama organized by Nehru Yuva Kendra at Venjaramoodu.
Dec.8 Dr. N.Radhakrishnan was felicitated on his conferment of the prestigious ‘Acharya Mahapragya Award for nonviolence propagation. Presents the dance drama ‘Santhiyay.. Santhigeethamay..
Dec 25 Presents the play ‘Chenkolum Maravuriyum at NSS Auditorium, Thiruvananthapuram.
Dec 29-31 3-day workshop  and exhibition on ‘Kuthiyottam’. Resource persons: Sri. Kadammanitta Vasudevan Pillai inaugurates, Sri. Kudavoor Bhaskara Pillai and his  group, Mavelikkara shah and his group and Kadakka Prabhakaran vaidyar and his group presents programmes.
Jan.1 Prof. G.Sankara Pillai Memorial Day. Dr. Sam (Director of Kerala Studies,  University of Kerala) delivers memorial lecture. Presents the play ‘Venalil Virinja Poovu’.
Jan.2 Presents the play ‘Venalil Virinja Poovu’ at the special programme in connection with the 80th birth day of Dr. Daisaku Ikeda at Gandhi Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram.
Jan.21 Smt. K.S.Geetha and her troupe present ‘An Introduction to Traditional Folk Arts’ at J.M.L.P School Parameswaram.
Feb.3 A group of artists from Japan and Prof. Howard Hunter from Boston USA visit Rangaprabhath.
Feb.16 Workshop on Kathak, conducted by Kathak dancer Sri. Sanjeev Kumar of New Delhi.
Feb.17 Presentation of Folk songs and its visualization as a part of ‘An  Introduction to the scheme of traditional folk arts’ at Darsanavattam.
Feb.23  The play ‘Moodhevi Theyyam’ presented at Chadayamangalam.
Feb.24 Presentation of folk songs, Skit in connection with ‘National Science Day Celebration 2008’ at Shanghumukham Beach Thiruvananthapuram. The Play Bhoomigeetham presented.
March 14 Children’s folk arts and kalari at Palode in association with BRC, Palode (SSA)
April 2-6 Workshop on Children's Theatre at SNV Higher secondary School Panayara, Varkala.
April 16 Presentation of ‘An introduction to the traditional folk arts’ at Navaikulam
April 11 Children’s Theatre workshop at UPS Chempur
April 27 Presentation of play ‘Rakshakan’
May 4-6 Workshop on ‘Nonviolence and value creation through theatre arts’. The play Santhiyai.. Santhgeethamai..presented.
May 17-19 Children's Theatre workshop at Chirayinkil. The play Rakshakan Presented.
May 31 Programme organized for distributing educational aid to the children of Rangaprabhath. The play Bhoomi Geetham presented.
Jume 21 Workshop on Folk Songs.
June 22 Birth-day celebration of Prof. G.Sankara Pillai:  Children’s play, Nizhal presented.

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