A- Daily activities:-
Children membering about 40 in the age group of 4 to14 assemble in Rangaprabhath and practice
1 Story telling
2 Recital of poems
3 Creative dramatics
4 Classical music
5 Classical dance
6 Violin,Thabla,Chenda etc.
7 Folk art Forms of Kerela
8 Drawing
9 Property Making

B-Monthly activities:-
Regular monthly activities include :-
1 Play Prodution
2 Awareness creation about traditional Art forms in selected school for school children.

C-Yearly activities:-
1 G.Sankara Pillai Memorial day (Jan1st).(children’s workshop)
2 G.Sankara Pillai Birth day celebration(22nd June).(Play production)
3 K.Kochunarayana Pillai Comommoration day (oct 1st).(National Level Theatre Festival).
4 K.Kochunarayana Pillai Birth day celebration(8th feb).(Presentation of classical art forms of kerela)
5 Pooja Mahotsav(3 days musical concerts followed by vidyarambham).
6 World theatre day(march 27th).(Seminar and Play Production)
7 Summer camp for children (April- May)
8 Attapurattu-A Theatre festival of Rangaprabhath(August –September).(Presentation of traditional FolkArts).
9 Children’s Day celebrations(November 14th)(Creative presentation by children)

Classes Conducted in Rangaprabhath:-
1 Story telling
2 Recital of poems
3 Creative dramatics
4 Classical Music
5 Classical Dance
6 Violin,Thabla,Chenda etc.
7 Folk Art Forms of Kerela.
8 Drawing
9 Property Making

Saturday carnivals
The Rangaprabhath Children’s theatre during the last thirty eight years have been swarming with thousands of children and teachers who assemble here from the neighboring schools on very Saturdays. This innovative Programme was initiated last year with a view to offer children from backward areas and communities opportunities to involve to their hearts content in creative activities along guided lines under the supervision of qualified teachers. The activities include story telling, puppets making, design, drawing, child games and songs, play-enacting, choral singing, improvisations, etc. The programme seeks to offer such continuous exposure to the children for the whole year and assess their talents and improvement at the end of the year. While it is too early to say about the success of this innovative step, it is hoped that this will yield very appreciative results.

Workshop for teachers
In sharp contest to the general practice of teachers offering guidance, an innovative programme of learning together and teaching together at which selected teachers from forty schools and sixty children of Rangaprabhath was held in the last week of July 1997. Besides removing the usual barriers between the teacher and the taught this weeklong workshop at which a few of the top-ranking theatre artists and educational experts attended, helped in creating a new atmosphere of co-operative learning and sharing.

Earning while learning
As part of the efforts of Rangaprabhath to expose children to the creative world of work experience, bookbinding and book-making programme was initiated and all the children who attend Rangaprabhath are association themselves with this. They make their own books and bind their books besides earning some income from sales of the books produced at this center.

Workshop on puppetry
A weeklong workshop on puppets-making was organized by Dr. G.Gangadharan Nair for the children of Rangaprabhath. At the end of the workshop over thirty puppets of different sizes and character were made by the participants under the guidance of Dr. G.Ramachandran Nair. These puppets were used to preset and adapted version of Prof. G. Sankara Pillai’s play ‘Punnumkudam’ before an invited audience. The play was well received.

Folk arts training workshop and Regular classes
Training and demonstration classes in some of the most popular fork arts of Southern Kerala are being organized at the Centre on a regular basis. Forty children of different age groups are attending these folk training programmes.

Choral music on heroes and heroines ofFreedom movement.
Choral music group was organized as part of the golden jubilee of India’s Independence both at the center and in several schools and villages around from August 15 to 30th January.

Workshop on creative dramatics,presentation of plays at New Delhi.
On invitation from Gandhi Smriti, New Delhi workshops on children’s theatre and special presentation of some of the plays of Rangaprabhath by the child and teen-age plays of Rangaprabhath was held in different parts of Delhi. Play presentation and workshops were held last year in different institutions including Gandhi Smriti, Gandhi Darshan, I.G.N.C.A and National Balbhavan.

‘Story beside the bed’ Programme
A major new initiative introduced recently in our campus at Rangaprabhath was the Story beside the bed session for select children on every Saturday and Sunday.
Another programme was story telling. It is an innovative programme in the traditional framework with remarkable result. It will give the Children a deep insight over the surroundings and life.
The group which is in its 37th years has influenced not only the neighboring community but also has made significant contribution to Children’s development through theatre.
Over the years it has added (1) an open air theatre, (2) an indoor theatre, (3)centre for folk performing arts,(4) craft centre, (5) library, (6) community centre and (7) a dormitory. Today it caters to a wide interest of the neighboring community and verity a Nataka Gramam.

The Rangaprabhath as part of its extension programme undertook State-wide awareness creation campaigns and organized several camps in different parts of the State involving a large number of children, teachers, theatre workers and a host of artists. The experiment attracted national attention and a workshop involving children from Delhi was held in 1996 at Delhi.
As the children grew with the Rangaprabhath, it was felt there should be ample opportunities for the children of different age-groups to continue to participate in the activities. Hence they are divided into three groups for greater participation:
Kadambam: 5 to 14 years; Kalari: 15 to 25 years; Kalam: beyond 25 years.

Folk Arts Training:
Regular classes in music(classic, light and folk), dance and folk performing arts are being held under the guidance of reputed masters.

Documentation Unit
Documentation of various art forms is being undertaken by competent scholars and artists.

Bal Bhavan
Under the guidance of the National Bal Bhavan, New Delhi, the activities related to children are monitored and encouraged.

As Resource and Training Centre
In recongnition of the experience of Rangaprabhath in the field of education and innovative approaches to children’s education, reputed organizations such as The Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (New Delhi), Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti (New Delhi), Sangeethe Nadaka Academy and the Department of Culture, etc. have recognized the Rangaprabhath as a Resource and Training Centre.

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